Anti-ligature Access Panel

Bespoke Solution
We can manufacture this product in almost any size to suit your requirement. Please contact our Technical Sales Team on 01724 853 090 for specific sizes.

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Product Description

Anti Ligature Access Panels provide high quality openings in ceilings and walls for access to building engineering services. The doors are finished in powder-coated white and can be over painted to blend with the surrounding surface. The larger panels have full length piano hinges with the smaller panels using our unique pivot hinges.

The Anti Ligature Access Panel is fitted with a sealed radial pin tumbler lock with no opportunity for a ligature point. There are no holes or openings in any part of the panel which would provide an opportunity for a ligature point.

The panel can be specified with insulation, fire rating, acoustic reduction and an alternative higher security locking mechanisms.

There are two frame options for the the anti ligature access panel. A beaded frame type (SBF) with perforated flange to key into the surrounding membrane. This is used where the surface has yet to be skimmed or tape and jointed. This can be used in lower risk environments. Or the picture frame (PF), where a reduced flange sits on the surface of the wall or ceiling. This covers the cut edge of the aperture and is used when the surface has already been finished and decorated.