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Vinyl-Fit Floor Door


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  • Bespoke Sizes Available: Please call our Technical Sales Team for more information
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High-quality aluminium single recessed floor covers designed for 2-4mm thick flexible vinyl floor finishes, where a durable welded sealed joint is required between the floor finish and access cover. Integral weldable PVC trim supplied fitted to the cover and frame ensures vinyl floor installation is quick and simple. The weldable PVC securing edge enables the frame section to be bonded and welded to the cut edge of the sheet flooring to form an impermeable, flat, hygienic and permanent joint. Its 50mm frame depth makes it ideal where installation depths are restricted. Suitable for pedestrian, trolley and light-duty car/van traffic applications. Wide range of size options available for clear openings of between 300mm and 600mm with bespoke sizes available, give us a call to discuss your needs.  All covers fitted with EPDM liquid, odour and dust seals as standard with four-point stainless steel locking.


  • High-performance triple-sealed for liquid, odour and dust-tight applications
  • Secure four-point stainless steel locking
  • Integral weldable PVC trim fitted to cover and frame for 2-4mm thick vinyl flooring
  • Wide range of cover sizes available for clear openings from 300mm to 600mm

Ideal Applications:

Suitable for pedestrian, trolley and light-duty car/ van traffic applications. Vinyl flooring and vinyl safety flooring in the following locations:

  • Hospitals.
  • Offices.
  • Residential areas.
  • Leisure facilities.
  • Swimming pools.

Vinyl-Fit Features


Technical Drawing

Size Information

Selecting the correct size of the access cover

Once a suitable access cover type has been selected for a particular application, loading, material and flooring finish, the appropriate cover size can be chosen to
fit the shaft opening over which it will be placed. The shaft opening or clear opening (dimension A x B see image) as it is referred to within our technical data defines the maximum shaft opening size at which each access cover design can be safely operated. It is recommended that an access cover with a clear opening (A x B) size either equal to or up to a maximum of 20mm larger than the actual unsupported shaft opening size may be used.

It is not recommended that any part of the access covers frame overhangs the unsupported shaft opening once installed. Access covers with a clear opening (A x B) smaller than the unsupported shaft opening is not recommended and may lead to premature failure in service.


Clear opening (mm)Overall Frame Size (mm)Overall Frame Height (mm)Internal Tray Depth (mm)Weight (kg)
300 x 300410 x 41050474.6
450 x 450560 x 56050476.4
600 x 450710 x 56050477.6
600 x 600710 x 71050479.7
750 x 600860 x 710504710.1


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