low cost solution

Value Range Plasterboard Access Panels provide very low cost plasterboard faced protected openings in ceilings and walls for access to building engineering services where space is at a premium.

product versatility

This panel produces a lightweight, robust solution that can be used in all types of wall or ceiling construction. Outwardly the door face can be skimmed or tape and jointed for a minimalist aesthetic. 

Beaded frame

The beaded frame is used for the Plasterboard Range. A beaded frame type (SBF) has perforated flange to key into the surrounding membrane. This is used where the surface has yet to be skimmed or tape and jointed. 

Lock options

The Value Range Plasterboard Panel comes with two lock options, Budget Lock and Touch Catch. The Budget Lock option is operated using the provided budget lock key, for those opting for a more secure locking system. The Touch Catch locking option consists of two spring loaded latches that open and close by applying pressure to the latch side of the door.


300 x 300mm

450 x 450mm

600 x 600mm

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