't' grid ceiling access

The Exposed Grid access panel provides a high quality protected opening in exposed ‘T’ grid ceilings for access to building engineering services. Made to fit into standard grid modules with either a metal face or more commonly with a door tray that will accept your ceiling tile to the face, the panel then blends seamlessly into the overall ceiling.

Product versatility

Ceiling tiles are notoriously fragile and easily marked so although simply lifting out a ceiling tile to access concealed equipment is easy this can soon result in a new ceiling looking very tired. Our solution is very discreet and keeps your ceiling looking fresh for much longer. The product also has the versatility to be specified as a double door. Where a double tile panel is required we supply a dummy centre grid piece to maintain the overall grid scheme and behind the facing tiles are knock down tabs that keep your tile flat to the face of the panel.

seamless access

The Panel comes finished in powder coated white RAL9010 as standard and is latched with a square drive lock concealed by the patented ‘SLIK’ Invisible Keyhole. High security locks can be specified as an option


Bespoke sizes available

600 x 600mm

1200 x 600mm

1200 x 1200mm

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