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Christo Riser Doors

The Most Important Door in the Building

Designed and fire tested specifically for use in riser shafts running through larger buildings. The Access Panel Company fire rated Christo Riser Doors provide protection to riser openings preventing fire escaping from the riser shafts and spreading throughout multi-storey buildings. This is possibly the most important access door in the building for preventing the spread of fire to other floors. Doors up to 2866mm high have been tested guaranteeing accurate levels of protection.

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Priced On Request

To make an enquiry, please contact our sales team.

sales@accesspanels.co.uk 01724 853 090

Quick & Easy Fitting

By taking advantage of our unique spring loaded pivot hinging system, installation time is reduced offering significant savings in fitting costs with the advantage of being able to simply remove the doors giving the benefit of a full clear opening when required.

Fire Rated

Available with up to 2 hours fire rating. Fire testing undertaken independently by BM TRADA meeting both EN and BS standards in UKAS approved test laboratories. Certification available upon request.

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The air leakage test was performed under both positive and negative chamber pressures, simulating real-world scenarios of air pressure changes.
Test Results according to BS EN 1634-3: 2004
Pressure (Pa) Air Leakage Rate (m³/m/h) (Positive Chamber) Air Leakage Rate (m³/m/h) (Negative Chamber)
25 1.77 2.06
The lower the air leakage rate, the more airtight the product.  A rate of less than 3m³/h qualifies as smoke sealed for building regulations.

Acoustic rated

Acoustic Testing
Acoustic Test Speaker 682x1024 1

UKAS-accredited independent laboratory tested to a reduction of 47 dB Rw to BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010.
This is a real-life equivalent of reducing the sound of a vacuum cleaner to the same noise your computer is making.

The SLIK Invisible Keyhole System

5 3 Point Budget Lock and SLIK

Our patented SLIK ‘Spring Loaded Invisible Keyhole’ system seamlessly blends the panel surface across the face of the keyhole making it almost invisible.

The keyhole cover is pushed aside as the key is inserted into the lock and springs back into place when the key is withdrawn.

The SLIK removes the need for keyhole caps that can go missing or become grubby over time.

See all of our lock options:

Frame Options

With 4 frame types, we can accommodate any wall finish. The Concealed beaded frame (below right), is the most popular & used where the wall has yet to be finished.  For finished walls, the Picture frame option is available or specify no flange or delete the flange to the threshold only. Ask for a primer paint finish and site emulsion so the door blends into the wall. All options are fully fire tested. 

Picture Frame Corner 2 1

Picture Frame

Beaded Frame Corner With Cut Through
Beaded Frame Corner-1 v2

Concealed Beaded Frame


All Riser Doors are manufactured to order.

To ensure fire-compliant leaf sizes and configurations please call our Technical Sales Team before specifying.

Lead times for riser doors vary from 12-25 working days depending on quantity.


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Riser Door Technical Drawing
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