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The Access Panel Company has been manufacturing roof hatches for over twenty years. From small individual hatches for maintenance and inspection, we also manufacture larger hatches for access to machinery and plant that may have to be lifted in and out of industrial buildings. We manufacture hatches with integrated upstands or to minimise site work, to fit over an existing kerb. 

Easy Installation

Most of our hatches can be simply lifted into position, screwed down and weathered. This means no site assembly work except to add a padlock when finished.

remote control open & close

For large or frequently used hatches we recommend to take advantage of our electric hatches. These are operated using the provided hand held controllers. This allows the hatch to be opened and closed at the push of a button.

Air tight protection

Our Roof Hatches come with a fully compressed rubber gasket seals the lid to the frame when closed. 


Bespoke sizes available

750 x 750mm

900 x 750mm

900 x 900mm

1200 x 900mm

1200 x 1200mm

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