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Quick-Fit Floor Door

from £221.77

Quick-Fit Recessed Floor Door

Partially filled tray for all floor finishes and a quicker installation time
  • Quick-Fit Floor Door

Partially filled tray for all floor finishes and a quicker installation time
High Quality Floor Access

The Access Panel Company’s floor doors range provides a high quality finish and easy access to underlying services and ducting. For the Quick-Fit Range select any multi-fit floor door and choose quick-fit as your specified option. All products are fitted with both liquid and odour tight EPDM seals as standard and created to blend perfectly with a wide selection of both hard and flexible floor infills of thickness up to 15mm.

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Adaptable Access

Our range of recessed access hatch covers are designed for internal and external applications associated with both commercial, private and public  sector buildings. Typical applications include areas used by pedestrians, light vehicle traffic and heavier traffic such as forklifts.

Benefits Of Quick-Fit
Suitable Flooring Types

The flooring types that we would recommend as the most suitable for these panels include: Concrete, Epoxy, Terrazzo, Stone and Ceramic Tiles, Carpet and Wood.

Ideal Applications

These Quick-Fit Floor Access Door panels are ideal for a range of environments. Including but not limited to: Shopping Centres, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Leisure Facilities and Swimming Pools.


300 x 300mm

450 x 450mm

600 x 450mm

600 x 600mm

750 x 600mm


Cross Section Illustration​

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