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Rigitone Style Panel

from £31.05

Rigitone Style Access Panel

Specially designed to work with Rigitone Acoustic boards
  • Rigitone Style Panel

Specially designed to work with Rigitone Acoustic boards
Designed For Rigitone Ceilings

The Rigitone Style Access Panel provides a high quality protected opening in Rigitone style ceilings for access to building engineering services. Rigitone style ceilings are most common in shops, offices, reception areas and other large open rooms within buildings as it provides a very clean aesthetic.


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Seamless Picture Frame

The panel comes with a picture frame with a 10mm flange that sits on the surface of the ceiling covering the cut edge of the aperture. Used when the surface has already been finished or decorated.  This ensures the seamlessness of the rigitone style ceiling is not compromised. 

Accepts Rigitone Tiles

Cut to fit your Rigitone pattern the panel will accept your Rigitone section to the face, the panel then blends seamlessly into the overall ceiling. The panel comes finished in powder coated white RAL9016 as standard and is latched with a square drive lock concealed by the patented ‘SLIK’ Invisible Keyhole. High security locks can be specified as an option.

The SLIK Invisible Keyhole System

5 3 Point Budget Lock and SLIK

Our patented SLIK ‘Spring Loaded Invisible Keyhole’ system seamlessly blends the panel surface across the face of the keyhole making it almost invisible.

The keyhole cover is pushed aside as the key is inserted into the lock and springs back into place when the key is withdrawn.

The SLIK removes the need for keyhole caps that can go missing or become grubby over time.

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300 x 300mm

450 x 450mm

600 x 300mm

550 x 550mm

600 x 600mm

Bespoke sizes available


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