Privacy Policy

This page lays out in detail how we will use the information collected from using our website in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We are happy to disclose any information we hold on you at any time, if you would like to receive this please write to:

The Access Panel Company
The Old Water Works
Winterton Road
North Lincolnshire
DN15 0BA

Why we collect your information

Your details are collected to help us learn how our users engage with our website to continually improve and expand the website to become even more relevant, useful and enjoyable. The information collected is non-personal and can include which pages you view, how you navigate around the website and when/where you land/leave the website. This information is considered "Non Personal" because no information about your identity is gathered from your visit.

Who do we share your information with?

Short answer: No One. We don't sell advertising space nor do we sell, rent or lease your information to external companies to use in their Marketing Campaigns. However, by giving us your contact details you are agreeing that we can contact you periodically to let you know what we're up to, current deals or to tell you about any new product ranges. We do not spam! You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time without obligation and you can opt back in afterwards if you're missing us by going to your "Edit Account" area.

How we store your information?

We have several security systems in place to ensure that your personal data is kept safe 24/7. When registering or logging in, your data is secured in a hash string. Which means your data is encoded into a long string of random characters so that it cannot be read by a human. Our website is protected against SQL Injection attacks which means that no one can access your information from within our website. Finally, your information is stored in a secure offshore datacenter which is password protected multiple times and cannot be accessed by anyone who is not authorised to see your information.


This website uses Cookie Technology in order to offer services and gather information regarding the use of this website. A "Cookie" is a small packet of data which is transferred from our secure web servers to be stored in your browser. The information can only be read by our particular server and it serves as your virtual ID card. By having this Cookie stored on your browser it means you don't have to sign back into your account everytime you visit a new page on our website. It also means that you can go to another website and return here to still be signed in. This is a major technology which is completely safe and used by many of the top companies such as Facebook, Google, BBC & Hotmail. Although we gather this information to improve the User Experience of this website, the information is not used to identify you personally.

Our Partners

Occasionally, we may include information on the website or in Newsletters which contains links or articles from our partners or relevant industries. The views and opinions expressed by these articles do not necessarily match the views of The Access Panel Company and should not be treated as such. Also, we advise all of our audience, in order to maintain a secure internet experience, to read the Privacy Policy of any website which you visit from our own. To comply with UK laws, we reserve the right to disclose information where it is needed to solve a dispute concerning the use of this website. In addition, we may disclose this information to protect ourselves and our customers.