Trade Account Application

Trade Accounts With The Access Panel Company

Why apply for a trade credit account?

By registering to become a trade customer of the Access Panel Company you will be benefitting from better prices, more flexibility and getting the latest offers from us! You can still buy from us online, when we have approved your Trade Account application we will update your website account to allow you to see true trade prices and get hold of our access panels, loft and roof hatches anytime.

When will I be able to see trade prices on the website?

As soon as you've received a confirmation letter from us, you can contact us and ask for your account to be updated. Usually within 24 hours we will have set your account to see the Trade Discounts on all of our products and from there you can use the website as a Trade Customer as long as your acount is in good standing.

Download An Application Form


Please Note: Your first order with us will need to be pro-forma before you can begin to use your trade account!


How does it work?

All you need to do is download the trade account application form, print it out and send it back to our sales office for processing. Typically, you should leave around 10-12 working days between applying and expecting to receive an answer from us but there are ways to make the process faster!

Please make sure you fill out as much information as possible when your are filling out the application form as any missing details could cause delays while we contact you or any references to fill in the gaps. Additionally, you can always get in touch with the companies you have nominated as Trade References and ask them to prepare for us contacting them so everything is ready to go!