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Vinyl-Fit Floor Access Panel

The Access Panel Company’s floor access doors range provides a high-quality finish and easy access to underlying services and ducting and all products are fitted with both liquid and odour tight EPDM seals as standard and created to blend perfectly with a wide selection of both hard and flexible floor infills of thickness up to 15mm. Our range of recessed access hatch covers are designed for internal and external applications associated with both commercial, private and public sector buildings. Typical applications include areas used by pedestrians, light vehicle traffic and heavier traffic such as forklifts. The Access Panel Company’s access hatch covers complement a variety of hard and flexible floor finishes including concrete, epoxy, terrazzo, carpet, stone, ceramic tiles or vinyl. With a comprehensive range of standard clear opening sizes from 200 to 750mm. Our Multi-Fit, Quick-Fit and Vinyl-Fit floor access hatch covers are manufactured using recycled materials and at the end of life can be 100% recycled contributing to a sustainable environment and building practices.

High quality aluminium single recessed floor covers designed for 2-4mm thick flexible vinyl floor finishes, where a durable welded sealed joint is required between the floor finish and access cover. Integral weldable PVC trim supplied fitted to the cover and frame ensures
vinyl floor installation is quick and simple. Its 50mm frame depth makes it ideal where installation depths are restricted. Suitable for pedestrian, trolley and light duty car/van traffic applications. Wide range of size options available for clear openings of between 300mm and 750mm. All covers fitted with EPDM liquid, odour and dust seals as standard with four point stainless steel locking.



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Product Features
Vinyl-Fit Features
Standard Sizes

300 x 300

450 x 450

600 x 450

600 x 600

750 x 600

Bespoke Sizes are available, please call for details

Technical Details
Vinyl-Fit Floor Access Door