Hinged Tile Door

Hinged Tile Door

The Hinged Tile Door provides a high quality opening for access to building services in ceramic tiled walls.
Made To Fit

The Tile Door provides a high quality opening for access to building services in ceramic tiled walls. Each panel is made to suit the individual tile and combination of tiles being used. This ensures no unsightly tile cuts or visible frames disrupting the overall tiled finish.

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Built for Purpose

With whole tiles on the door face and no disrupted joints, the panels position is then very difficult to identify. The design utilises a unique new spring pivot hinge that speeds up the fitting process and limits door sag caused by heavy tiles. This gives a stable opening arc that can be tiled to with minimum gaps between door tray and surrounding wall tiles. Once adjusted for weight the design ensures no further door drop can occur and no tile damage during operation.

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Easy To Fit

The panel is finished in powder coated white or black as standard. A factory fitted specialist tile substrate is mechanically fitted into the door tray as a base for the tiles. The door is fully removable from the frame. The panel is adjustable in all directions to level the door with the tile scheme. The new spring pivot hinges make inserting and removing the door easier than ever before.

Fire Rated

Available with up to 2 hours fire rating. Fire testing undertaken independently by BM TRADA meeting both EN and BS standards in UKAS approved test laboratories. Certification available upon request.

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Lock Options
Tile Door New Gormmet Extra Gormmet

Budget Lock with ‘T’-Key

Tile Door New Gormmet Extra RPT

Tamperproof Radial Pin Tumbler (RPT)

Tile Door New Gormmet Extra TC

Touch Catch


Every tile door is made to fit your exact tile size.

To order a tile door please call our technical sales team who will need to know the following:

Your tile size
The grout gap width
Tile thickness
The size you are trying to achieve
If there are any other tiles surrounding the door
The depth available for the frame and which type
Which type of lock you require

To contact us about a tile door email us at sales@accesspanels.co.uk or call us on 01724 853 090

In order to allow us to manufacture your tile door perfectly, when ordering it is essential that you fill our our tile door data sheet to ensure your tile fit the door seamlessly. You can download the data sheet via the button below and send it to sales@accesspanels.co.uk


Cross Section Illustration​

Tile Door Hinged Technical Drawing
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