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Contract Plasterboard Door

from £32.19

Contract Range Plasterboard Door

For openings 200mm² to 600mm² in ceilings and 200mm² to 750mm² in walls, to be plastered over
  • Contract​ Plasterboard ​Door

For openings 200mm² to 600mm² in ceilings and 200mm² to 750mm² in walls, to be plastered over
Protected Openings

Contract Range Plasterboard Access Panels provide a protected plasterboard faced low profile access solution. For use through plasterboard walls and ceilings for access to building engineering services where space is at a premium. The narrow 24mm profile produces a lightweight, robust solution that can be used in all types of wall or ceiling construction.

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A Versatile Access Panel

The panels consist of a plasterboard faced pivoting door tray and frame with a push catch or square drive operated lock. The door tray encapsulates a layer of 12.5mm plasterboard with a simulated beaded edge to the frame and door tray. This acts as a key for the tape and joint or skim coat. The product also has the versatility to be fire rated up to 2 hours for certain sizes.

Frame Options

The beaded frame is used for the Plasterboard Range. A beaded frame type has perforated flange to key into the surrounding membrane. This is used where the surface has yet to be skimmed or tape and jointed.

Beaded Frame Corner With Cut Through
Beaded Frame Corner-1 v2

Fire Rated

Available with up to 2 hours fire rating in walls in sizes up to and including 600x600mm when installed in a wall. Fire testing undertaken independently by BM TRADA meeting both EN and BS standards in UKAS approved test laboratories. Certification available upon request.

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IMG 9069

The SLIK Invisible Keyhole System

5 3 Point Budget Lock and SLIK

Our patented SLIK ‘Spring Loaded Invisible Keyhole’ system seamlessly blends the panel surface across the face of the keyhole making it almost invisible.

The keyhole cover is pushed aside as the key is inserted into the lock and springs back into place when the key is withdrawn.

The SLIK removes the need for keyhole caps that can go missing or become grubby over time.

See all of our lock options:


200 x 200mm

300 x 300mm

450 x 450mm

550 x 550mm

600 x 300mm

600 x 600mm

900 x 550mm

900 x 600mm

1200 x 550mm

1200 x 600mm

Bespoke sizes available


Cross Section Illustration​

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